The Balkan Embassy started out of the pure idea to showcase the cool stuff that goes on in the Balkan region. There is surely more to us than cheap holiday destinations and grilled meat, right?


Since I, Steliana – the writer of this blog, love to travel, eat good food and have been part of a couple of social impact start-ups in the last years, I will focus on topics that are dear to my heart: travelling, impactful business, art, and also sustainable lifestyle, food & fashion, inspiring events, etc., all happening in the Balkan countries. I prefer talking about the positive and not the negative stuff so I hope this blog also serves as an inspiration for the progress in this part of the world. And another thing you might want to know about me, I’m Bulgarian. 


As far as what Balkan really means, I try to not to get too political about it. For the purpose of this blog I’ll start by focusing on the countries of former Yugoslavia, as well as Albania and Bulgaria. But let’s not get too stuck on definitions. I am referring to Balkan more in terms of the cultural identity and I believe in uniting people, not dividing. 


I hope the information (that will be) published here will be useful for people from the Balkans as well as to those travelling to the region, hence the English language.

Aide, let’s do this! Read on and enjoy.